Bowel Impaction & Hospital Stay – a Revelation – Cecil G.


When Cecil was age 14 he was involved in an vehicle accident that nearly took his young life. Though he had no broken bones his small intestine was torn asunder and required major surgery to repair. This was 1953. He recovered and never had any intestinal troubles until 2009 when constipation, diarrhea and other painful symptoms surfaced. This went on for about a year and the doctors never detected anything was wrong. Cecil never recognoized the spiritual "signs" along the way.


On July 20, 2010 Cecil began to have severe stomach and intestinal pains, became very constipated but did not seek medical advice. Some earlier ministry counsel revealed that Cecil was binding up emotions and other feelings and failing to properly weep about some serious events in his life. Late on the night of July 26 the pains became so severe that Cecil could hardly function, he cried out to the Lord but his faith level was reached and he went to the emergency room and was admitted for 3 days. The CAT scan revealed severe blockage, adhesions and gas pockets.


At the end of the 2nd full day he was given soft food to eat, his bowels began to function properly and no surgery was necessary. During his hospital stay the Lord made it very clear to Cecil that he was blocking emotions along with other flaws in his character and behavior that had to be corrected. Cecil was sobered by the level of intense pains he had, realizing the Lord allowed this situation to “get his attention” and to show Cecil a number of imperfections in himself along with that old powerful enemy of all mankind – PRIDE.


Cecil left the hospital on a Wednesday and full recovery was an hour-by-hour situation. Some pains returned with constipation striking some fear into him. On Sunday morning Cecil began to see what the Lord was trying to show him and he began to do self-deliverance. The demons began to stir in his abominable area and actually “growled” as they were called out in the name of Jesus. After some 20 minutes of prayer and deliverance Cecil’s system “cleaned out” and he was back to normal. The next Sunday he again began self-deliverance and again there was intense growling and difficulty in expelling the demonic spirits, with gasping, throat trying to close, extreme gagging and coughing. But a number of demons came out. This was the beginning of breaking the power of a "false personality" spirit, another person within Cecil that needed to go.


What the Lord showed Cecil was that he had not dealt with the spirits of FEAR – DEATH – TRAUMA – SURGERY ( cutting of the flesh ) and other spirits associated with the accident of 1953. These powerful demonic spirits had been residing inside of Cecil’s stomach and intestines for some 57 years and God wanted Cecil to be set free. Nor had he dealt with some attitudes he had towards others, judging, caustic voice, sarcasm, etc. What awesome love Father God has for Cecil and all His children. God allows severe pains and situations to come upon His children to get their attention, and hopefully to repent of unrighteous behavior, pride and other fleshly traits.


By August 12 Cecil was mostly recovered physically but going through some heavy deliverance and seeing things that needed dto be changed by the Holy Spirit working in his life. Cecil’s relationship with his wife and other peoplequickly changed. God got his attention because God loves Cecil and the pains that came upon Cecil were not to torment or punish him, but to chasten him in godly love for Cecil to change his ways and to know, accept and seek the ways of the Lord.


Cecil will gladly tell you that if you have any physical pains you can believe there is a spiritual root involved somewhere. There always is. He will tell you to seek the Lord daily, humble yourself before the Lord and ask Him to “change your heart” as only God can.


Cecil had a painful close call in 1953 and again in 2010 but the Lord is not finished with Cecil’s life. How about you? Any serious painful situations going on with you?  Seek the Lord, He will show you with love and grace how you really are. And love you all the time, no exceptions.